What We Do

Reaching out to the younger generation

Uforo Woman Initiative is an initiative set up with the aim to reach out to the younger generation through information and motivation to drive a paradigm shift in STEEM.

Through studies and questionnaires, we put forward to consideration that one of the factors that contribute to the female lagging performance in STEEM is that there are limited female Science teachers readily available. A conversation with a father about his take on girls in STEEM led him to share that most science teachers readily available for private tutoring were male and he didn’t want his daughter having a male private tutor. A female colleague also shared that she was almost a victim of abuse by her male private tutor. These experiences can be a really discouraging factor and we reprimand such acts.

In order to help our girls have a more receptive attitude and achievement towards STEEM, we encourage parents to spur their children and we offer available female science tutors with easy synergy, seminars and interactive sessions amongst girls to promote communication and teamwork, readily available resources at home, hands-on laboratory experience, and adequate career counselling.