About Us

Expanding the frontiers of Technological knowledge amongst girls.
Uforo is an Ibibio word meaning Flourishing.

Uforo Woman Initiative is a platform for leadership and mentorship to create awareness, build capacity, encourage and inspire girls for a more confident career in Science Technology Engineering Energy and Mathematics – STEEM and to effect real positive change in the future.

Science, Technology, Engineering, Energy and Mathematics

The STEEM industry is constantly evolving and there a is dire need for fresh ideas and diversified thinking. To achieve this, the STEEM gender gap must be bridged. This will create a balance and a diversified pool of talents.
The prevalent opinion of girls is due to societal representation of STEEM as a predominantly male field. However, it is imperative to degenderize STEEM, categorise less and explore more. This way, more girls will have an extensive opportunity to discover their full potentials.

Sprout Mindset

We need to teach our girls to have a “sprout mindset” which is one that sees possibilities and no barriers, one that challenges STEEM and societal stereotypes rather than a “rigid mindset”. People that have a “sprout mentality” always believe that their ability to acquire and apply knowledge is dynamic and not limited to traditional definitions. We aim to teach our girls to have this mentality and to be optimistic and open to learning new things, knowing that perseverance begets success. We want our girls to seize every opportunity, to be confident, enthusiastic and supportive of one another. Here, girls are encouraged to be curious, think critically and broadly without stereotype constraints.